Matt learned how to juggle back in 1993, in his senior year of high school. One of his fellow students taught him how to toss and catch two objects in one hand using clay balls that they made in pottery class. From that small bit of success, a spark ignited. Over the next couple of years, he met other jugglers, mostly at local juggling clubs, and tried to learn all of the new and fascinating ways to manipulate objects.

Then, during his sophomore year at Ohio State, Matt had the fortunate luck to have a roomate that was a professional magician. This was truly a blessing as the magician was able to teach Matt the business side of show business. He taught him how to work with agents and create promotional material. During the rest of his college years, he used the money that came in from juggling gigs to pay his way through.

After graduation, Matt decided to see where this career path would lead so he packed up his things and hit the road. During this time, he started working for venues such as Holland America Cruise Line, Universal Studios Florida, Hershey Park, Foxwoods Resort / Casino and many others.



Since then, he has kept adding to an extensive client base and enjoys traveling to events nationwide from his home outside of Columbus, Ohio.


1993 - Present, Matt Jergens / Out of Hand Entertainment LLC, 614-404-6926,