Fest & Fair

Looking to add a fun, family-friendy show to energize and involve your attendees? Whether he is on the main stage, on a side stage, or simply on the street, Matt can deliver. His non-stop comedy patter combined with plenty of audience participation is a sure fire hit with fest and fair go-ers. They will be amazed as he tosses his giant yo-yo 50 feet in the air and catches it with ease or when he juggles blazing hot torches on top of his tall unicycle.

For these types of events, you have two different options: 30 minute shows, with set show times and sound equipment, and / or strolling entertainment. This includes stilt walking or unicycling around the grounds and performing small tricks for smaller groups, without sound equipment. Strolling works great if you are not looking for a big draw, but simply to keep the action going.

Because most of these types of events are all day affairs, Matt offers a package deal to allow for big savings on a per show basis. Please contact Matt for a quick quote for your fest or fair.


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