Juggling 101

Have you ever wanted to learn how to juggle? Most people think that juggling is only for circus families or folks with incredible hand-eye coordination. This is totally false. Anyone who can throw and catch one ball is capable of doing a basic three ball pattern. For some, success can be achieved in about thirty minutes of practice and with others it may take up to a week. The point is, YOU can do it!

Before you begin, make sure you have the right equipment. The best things to use for juggling are beanbags. They don't roll away from you when you drop (and that will happen a lot when you're getting started). Tennis balls are a good substitute when beanbags are not available.

One last piece of advice, be PERSISTANT! Don't let a drop curb your confidence. Say to yourself that you WILL do it, and you'll get good results.

Now, follow these three basic steps and give it a try.

Step 1: One Ball
Start with a ball in your right hand and toss it just over eye level to your left hand. Be sure to keep your hand at waist level when catching. Now, throw it back to the other side trying to keep the same height as the first throw. Pretty easy, huh? Step 2 is a bit more challenging, but we have to start somewhere.

Step 2: Two Balls
Now, put one ball in your right hand and one in your left. Toss the one in the right over to your left (same as step 1). Here's the kicker, when the first ball is almost ready to hit your left hand, throw the second ball over to your right hand (remember to keep those throws at just over eye level). Catch the second ball in your right hand to complete the exchange. Practice this step a bunch of times until you are totally comfortable with it, starting with the right hand and also starting with the left hand.

Step 3: Three Balls
The important thing to note here is that, if you've made it to this step, you're 90% of the way there. To start three balls, put two balls in your right hand and one in your left. Start by tossing one of the balls from your right hand over to your left. Now, same as step 2, just exchange one ball for another. Then, as that second ball comes back to the right, just repeat the exchange with your left hand. This process of exchanging one ball for another, from side to side, can be repeated as many times as you like. At first, try to get one exchange then stop, then two exchanges, then three, etc. Before you know it, you've got yourself a nice little juggling pattern. Way To Go!

There have been many instructional books written on juggling. So, if you're getting stuck, go check them out at your local library. Good luck and happy juggling!

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